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Исполнитель: Madeleine Peyroux
Альбом: Keep Me In Your Heart For A While: The Best Of Madeleine Peyroux

песня River of Tears

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Текст песни Madeleine Peyroux - River of Tears
Stop all this talk, turn off the telephone Open up another bottle, send those people home Let it get real quiet, turn that lamp way down low I’m gonna float down this river of tears I remember how we spoke on the days he was dry Even now that he’s gone he can make a woman cry But he saw through me deaf dumb and blind He knew his way down this river of tears «Dashed hopes and best intentions"people say He could sit and drink the way a monk could pray So grab that silver flask, pour yourself another glass and Watch me rage down this river of tears Turn out the stars now, darken every one Watch the clouds cover that big yellow moon Close the blinds, mute the sun There’s nowhere left to run Picked up that old decanter that he used to drink from Turned on his stereo just to hear it hum Daddy I’m gonna wrap myself in blankets and listen to you sing And I’m gonna float down this river of tears

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