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Исполнитель: The Who
Альбом: The Who Sell Out

песня Someone's Coming

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Текст песни The Who - Someone's Coming
Goodnight baby, Someone’s a-comin', someone’s a-comin', Goodnight baby, Gotta get a-runnin', gotta get a-runnin'. Your father doesn’t like me, Told you that you couldn’t see me any more, That’s why we meet in secret, That’s why we’re hiding here. Goodnight baby, Same time tomorrow, same time tomorrow, Goodnight baby, See you here tomorrow, see you here tomorrow. Your mother made you stay in, When she saw you going out with me, You’ll say you’ll take the dog out, Then you sneak out here to me. If your parents find you here, You’re gonna get a hiding, gonna get a hiding, So I’ll vanish, disappear, See you here tomorrow, see you here tomorrow.

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