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Исполнитель: Ensiferum
Альбом: Ensiferum

песня Old Man  (Väinämöinen)

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Текст песни Ensiferum - Old Man (Väinämöinen)
So much farther off than time could reach Today it would be too late So much despair he has bled but will he wither away No one knows that you must keep this Old Man wide awake 'cause no one knows that he could feed our lives with a brighter flame Hush little dreamer, the bearer of light has come to set you free Now little dreamer at last you can sigh 'cause the nightmares will be released Sweeter far than life from I found that love was Sweeter far than love to die as he did The stars fell from the night sky as he reached his hands in the air As the sun peeked between the trees the Old Man burst to tears

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