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Исполнитель: Yuksek
Альбом: Away From The Sea

песня Tonight

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Текст песни Yuksek - Tonight
Tonight, gonna get some baby Get some (What, what) Tonight gonna get some (Check me) Get some tonight I remember when we used to Get freaky, babe I remember when you used to Talk nasty baby Oh girl I wanna do you (do you) Feel you up and just consume you (consume you) Won’t you let me come inside you (Inside you) Can ya feel me, babe 1 — Tonight you’re gonna get it Baby, tonight don’t even sweat it Oh, gotta get some baby Oh, gonna get some baby Get some tonight Now you know just what I’d love to do Can I sex ya, babe Girl you’re acting like you want to So can I wet you, babe Pull you close just like a magnet (Magnet) Freak you like you’ve never had it (Had it) Cuz girl my lovin is the baddest (Baddest) Can you feel me If you just let me in Then I can show you what I’m feeling With my sexual healing Tonight And if the time is right Let’s not wait no longer Cuz girl you know I want you, oh To-to-to-to-to To-to-to-to-tonight To-to-to-tonight Get some tonight Tonight Oh ah ah, oh Ah ah ah, oh Ah ah ah, oh Ah, ah, ah, ah, oh Ah ah oh Ah ah oh Get some tonight Repeat 1 until fade iii Tonight Gotta get some baby

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